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Established in early 90’s, Promdesign (Modus) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the materials used in building and outdoor advertising. Once started in 1988 as a small workshop, we gradually developed to a company with annual turnover more than 15mln. Euro.
We have got more than 20 years of experience in outdoor advertising at the Ukrainian market. With headquarters located in Kharkov, Modus-Promdesign Company has 13 branches all over Ukraine covering all biggest cities such as: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa, Ivano-Frankovsk, Simferopol, Sumy, Lugansk, Krivoi Rog, Zaporozhe, Rovno and Lvov.
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We strongly believe there will be more branches in the nearest future to become even closer to our customers. All Promdesign branches have their own professionally equipped stock facilities, all products and services are available at every branch in any region. To satisfy the needs of all customers in remote areas we have our own trucks in each of the branch arranging deliveries wherever the client wants in a fastest possible term.

Our company has a team of professionals: managers, designers, engineers whose experience continuously grows; we use only modern advertising technologies and advanced equipment to make our clients satisfied.  We are constantly increasing professionalism of our sales personnel by organizing seminars and educational programs in cooperation with our suppliers and partners.  Moreover our sales and technical staff visit special trainings directly at manufacturers’ production sites.  Thus, addressing to Promdesign (Modus) you can always get high quality consultations and professional support. Our representatives visit International sign and Construction Shows all over the world to keep abreast of the latest developments in this industry.

Working directly with the leading manufacturers, Promdesign (Modus) has the widest range of products and services available at Ukrainian market. We have strong business relations with companies in Europe, South Korea, China, Russia and Israel. We appreciate long term mutual cooperation with our partners that is why we can offer the best solution for each customer’s choice from high-end technologies to economy versions.

According to the annual customs data base survey our sales in 2010 amounted to:

  • Acrylic sheets -   2 020 tons
  • Aluminum composite panels -  4 055 tons
  • PVC sheets  -  2 423 tons
  • Self adhesive vinyl - 2 453 tons.
  • Polycarbonate sheets  -  1 156  tons

Even if you all of a sudden cannot find needed product or technology on our web-site, please contact our representatives -  possibly this product is expected to come in the near future, as we are always open to new challenges and opportunities.

Despite the fact that selling equipment for sign industry is our relatively new direction, we already have serious achievements in this field, such as exclusive dealership Korean brand DILI, long term contracts with major Chinese manufacturers of engravers, laser engravers, plasma cutting machines, cutting plotters and digital printing machines. Moreover we are official representative of several European popular trademarks.  In order to be closer to our client we launched 2 show rooms in Kiev and Kharkov, where you can see machines at work and test quality and reliability of equipment represented. Our personnel working on this field has excellent knowledge of hardware and software, so purchasing any machine from Promdesign you will always get full package of services including installation, technical support, guarantee and post- guarantee maintenance.

Being the leading company Promdesign administrates the most popular professional web site devoted to sign industry in Ukraine - Content on this web site is constantly updated each day, showing all the latest products, news and events.  Visitors can easily find answers to whatever questions they have, or discuss important issues on our forum, where they can get a prompt online consultation not only from our managers but also directly from manufacturers.  Special appeal of our forum is personal participation of Promdesign owners in discussing forum topics. No matter who you are and how far are you from, Promdesign is opened for everyone; do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure that cooperation between our companies will bring success and prosperity.

2011 is a special year not only for Promdesign, but for the whole Ukrainian sign industry, we this year we are launching our own production facilities in Kharkov. From now on PVC foam sheets and rigid PVC sheets are produced directly in Ukraine. Raw materials from the leading European manufacturers and European quality control standards allow us to guarantee high grade of sheets, thus absolutely exclude possibility of claims from final customers. Modern equipment with production capacity of more than 180 000 kg per month allows us to produce the widest possible range of   PVS products according to customers’ specific requirements immediately.

The key principle of our company is a full support of our customers from supplying the best materials and professional consultations by our personnel on each stage till implementation of any - even the most complex - projects.   Our customers and their needs are growing together with us, this is why we are constantly improving the range of materials, technologies and services provides; opening new branches each year; showing new machines. Join us and be a part of our success and prosperity.

Contact details:
Katerina Kuzheleva / Katerina Gorlova
Add: 61054, Mehanizatorskaya Str. 4A,
Kharkov, Ukraine
TEL/FAX:+38-057-756 30 03 (*152/ *358)

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